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In Brief: First Three Cases of COVID-19 in Czechia

Photo: Freepik / for illustrative purposes

Czech Rep., Mar 1 (BD) – “In the Czech Republic, we have the first three cases of COVID-19, which have been confirmed by the National Reference Laboratory. So far, these are suspected cases and we are sending samples to a laboratory in Berlin, but most likely these are three positive cases,” said Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtěch at a press conference this afternoon.

Two patients are in Prague, the third is in a hospital in Ústí nad Labem. According to Vojtěch as quoted in the Czech media outlets, the first Czech fell ill after returning from an Italian university. The second case is a young American woman studying in Milan, whose health deteriorated after arriving in Prague. The last man in Ústí nad Labem had just returned home from a skiing holiday in Italy.

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