Údolní to Reopen After One Year, With Quieter Trams and Accessible Tram Stops

The works included the reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems, soundproofing of tram lines, the installation of traction masts used to repair public lighting, adjustments to tram stops, and restoration of pavements and road surfaces, including drainage. Photo: Údolní before the renovation works. // Credit: kopemezabrno.cz.

Brno, Apr 25 (BD) – On April 28, for the first time in a year, tram passengers will be able to take the Number 4 tram to Kraví Hora, allowing access to the swimming pool and Brno Observatory. The street will open to drivers on May 1. Associated repair works on Lerchova will last until January next year.

Commenting on the news, Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS) said: “I am very pleased that the repairs are over and have been successful. The street is completely new and is finally passable, which will greatly relieve both traffic and parking throughout the area. I thank the residents who have endured such a difficult time with patience. Now they can enjoy a less noisy tram line and accessible tram stops.”

The work was a joint investment from the Brno Transport Company (DPMB), who paid CZK 81.3 million, and the City, who paid CZK 87.5 million for repairs and another CZK 10.6 million for pavements and parking spaces.

The planned upgrades to one kilometre of the street’s transport infrastructure were coordinated with the other necessary work to minimise disruption. David Grund (ODS), Council Member for Investment, explained the benefits: “Thanks to the reconstruction, the Všetičkova and Heinrichova stops have become accessible. For those with mobility problems, senior citizens, and mothers with prams, it has become more comfortable to travel through this district. What matters to residents is that the street traffic will be less noisy, and special mats will prevent vibration.”

According to René Stávek of Firesta, the site manager, the work was completed more or less without complications, and ran only CZK 1 million over budget due to an extension of the work planned on the sewer system. Further work is planned on the lower part of Údolní near Husova, to start in two years time.

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