Emergency Services Report Increase in Number of Call-Outs Related to Hypothermia, Often Homeless People

The South Moravian Region’s Emergency Medical Service (ZZS JMK) has reported an increase in the number of call-outs to patients suffering from hypothermia, due to the cold weather conditions. Many of those affected are homeless. Photo: ZZS JMK.

Brno, Jan 26 (BD) – Temperatures in South Moravia have been well below freezing for the whole week, and as a result the emergency services have recorded many cases of members of the public suffering from hypothermia.

On Saturday, a middle-aged man in the Hodonin area was transferred to Kyjov hospital with hypothermia.

On Sunday, a man living in one of the cottage colonies in Brno was admitted to hospital with the same condition, and later the same day a man living in a temporary dwelling at the edge of a forest near the village of Ořechov was found unconscious and in a serious condition. The man was resuscitated at the scene and air-lifted to St. Anne University Hospital in Brno.

Photo: ZZS JMK.

Two more men were treated for hypothermia in Brno-center on Monday morning.

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