Construction Works In Brno: Where Can You Expect Road Closures This Summer?

Tomkovo náměstí, where work will continue this summer on the outer city ringroad. Credit: Kopemezabrno.

Brno, July 3 (BD) – As usual, July and August will see an increase in roadworks around Brno, as the city authorities take advantage of the reduced traffic. So which roads will be closed over the next two months?

  • From 1 July, Kaštanová will be completely closed in the section from the intersection with D2 and Hněvkovskeho to the Makro store. The diversion route will lead through Černovická, Olomoucká and Průmyslova. The road will be under construction until 9 July.
  • During the holiday months, expect extended restrictions associated with works on the outer city ring road on Tomkovo náměstí. Passage through the area will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Exit from Valchařská, Dukelská and Cacovická onto Tomkovo náměstí will be completely closed.
  • Work will also continue on Žabovřeská, where the section from Kamenomlýnský most – Bráfova is now in single-lane mode until the end of July. Drivers should also expect a reduction in the number of lanes until 5 August on Sportovní.
  • Roadworks on Hradecká, Bohunická, Renneská třída and Štursova will last until the end of August. While Hradecká will remain partially open, Bohunická will be completely closed to vehicle traffic. Those planning to use Renneská třída in the direction of the city centre should use alternative routes. Štursova has been closed since Monday, 26 June, due to repairs to the road, bus stops and sidewalks. Sidewalk repairs will continue even after the summer.
  • Closures will also be in place on Merhautova, where work is underway to extend the tram line to Lesná. 
  • Those travelling by public transport in the city centre will experience some disruption. Due to repair works on Masarykova, between Orlí and náměstí Svobody, lines 4 and 9 will not pass through here.

There will also be short-term restrictions due to road resurfacing on Zvonařka, Hněvkovského, Černovická, and Lidická. A number of longer-term projects are also ongoing: in addition to the aforementioned work on Žabovřeská and Tomkovo náměstí, roadworks will also be ongoing on Bauerova and Poříčí during the summer. Finally, Bystrcká will experience partial closures due to a private construction project.

For more detailed information about what construction work is taking place and how traffic will be affected, see the municipal website

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