Expert Working Group Appointed To Guide Reform of Mental Health Care In South Moravia

An expert working group was appointed by regional councillors at a meeting on 20 April, which aims to coordinate the development of mental health care in the South Moravian Region. Photo credit: JMK

Brno, April 22 (BD) – The working group is continuing its previous activities related to projects of the Ministry of Health, which are now fully under the responsibility of the South Moravian Region.

“The reform of mental health care is one of the priorities in the social sphere, which we as the leadership of the region declared in the Programme Statement of the South Moravian Region Council. I am pleased that experts and practitioners, such as Professor Kašpárek, Dr Pálenský, Dr Mošťák, Dr Veškrnová and Dr Sladká Ševčíková, as well as representatives of people who have personal experience with mental illness, will help us with this important issue,” said Jana Leitnerová, Regional Councillor for Social and Family Policy.

“The South Moravian Region is seeking changes in mental health care aimed at accessible and timely support for mental health problems, supporting people with serious mental illness in recovery and supporting children’s mental health. In addition to health services, social services, preferably in combination, are an integral part of mental health care,” added Leitnerová. 

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