New Plots Of Land In Moravský Krumlov Approved For Family Homes

Seven new sites for the construction of family homes are being prepared by the city of Moravský Krumlov in the Polánka area. Currently, work is being done to reseed the plots, which are owned by the city. The utilities will be laid and ready for builders by the end of summer at the latest. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, March 4 (BD) – “We’re noticing interest from people for land on which they could build their own family homes,” said Zdeněk Juránek, Deputy Mayor of Moravský Krumlov. “Last year we completed the project preparation for seven lots, and we hope that by the end of this year they will have found owners. We will sell the plots in the form of an electronic auction.” He added that the sales contract will include a condition that the owner must build a family home within seven years, to avoid property speculation.

The current building lots are not the only ones prepared by the city in this area in recent years. Six years ago, 12 building lots were sold, and they are today occupied by family homes, mostly families with children. “They were purchased by people from the city and surrounding areas who wanted to move here. I am glad that last year we supported this demographic development by rebuilding and reopening a kindergarten in this part of town,” said Juránek. 

In recent years, the city has managed to prepare a total of 45 new building sites in the Novosady area. The new owners are already building homes there. According to Juránek, the city still owns some of the land here, enough for 11 further plots, which they hope to prepare during this year to be offered to interested parties as soon as possible.

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