Online Shopping Has Boomed Over The Last Two Years

A new study from the Czech Statistical Agency (CZSO) has revealed the huge growth of online shopping in the last two years. Credit: Freepik.

Czech Rep, Nov 24 (BD) – In the past two years, online shopping in the Czech Republic has increased dramatically in many sectors. This is of no surprise, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and its acceleration of the demand to have items delivered to peoples’ doors.

The clothing and food industries are just two of the sectors that have seen a boom in online sales during the pandemic. 39% of all clothing purchases were done online, and there has been an increase of 50% in online purchases from restaurants in comparison to last year, from 13% to 20% of total sales. Smaller increases have been seen in the paid music and video streaming sectors. 

“Mobile phones are the most common device for Czechs to use the Internet. Currently, 72% of people over the age of 16 are already online and 98% of young people between 16 and 34 use the Internet with their mobile phones. In contrast, only 8% of those over the age of 75 use this option,” said Eva Myšková Skarlandtová, of the CZSO Department of Statistics for Research, Development and the Information Society. 

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