City of Brno To Support 47th “Ekofilm” Festival To Raise Awareness of Climate Change

The City of Brno is providing financial support for a number of projects to tackle climate change, such as the installation of green roofs and the 47th Ekofilm festival, which each year features dozens of films from around the world, discussions with leading environmentalists, programs for schools, experience programs, and concerts. Photo Credit: Freepik / Illustrative Photo. 

Brno, June 4 (BD) – On Wednesday, Brno councillors approved a subsidy of CZK 450,000 for the 47th Ekofilm Festival. The subsidy from the city budget will support the promotion and production of the festival, including the opening ceremony, the content of the program for schools, virtual experiences and concerts. This subsidy covers 12% of the project’s total costs of just under CZK 4 million.

Ekofilm is an international film festival focused on the environment, and natural and cultural heritage, which aims to inform audiences about the latest environmental developments from all over the world. The festival is organised by the Czech Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with organizers Key promotion, Masaryk University, and EkoInkubátor. The main theme of the festival for 2021 is “Address: Planet Earth”. 

“We aim to highlight the fact that we have only one planet as our common home, not only with other people but above all with nature,” said Environment Minister Richard Brabec. “In recent centuries it has mainly been people who have reshaped the planet, adapting it for their use. Without healthy countryside, without room for animals and plants, and without natural resources, it will be hard for us to call this planet home. For that reason, at this year’s festival we want to open the door to these films that show how to live most harmoniously with nature, with our surroundings, with the planet and all of its inhabitants – but at the same how to live in a modern, comfortable way, perhaps thanks to new technologies that suit both sides.” 

The 25 best films selected by the festival programmers will be included in the competition, which will take place in Brno from October 20th to 23rd. The competition will feature three categories: Beauty of Nature, Central European Films, and Short Films. Filmmakers can submit their works at the website until June 30th.

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