Government Confirms Ban On Gatherings Of More Than Two People

The government has confirmed the proposal by the new Minister of Health, Petr Arenberger, to maintain the ban on gatherings of more than two people. Epidemiologists are concerned that a greater relaxation of measures would reverse the fragile positive trend of the epidemic. Photo Credit:

Czech Rep., Apr 13 (BD) – At a meeting yesterday, the cabinet of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš confirmed the proposal by the Minister of Health, Petr Arenberger, to maintain the current restrictions put in place by his predecessor Jan Blatný, allowing meetings of no more than two people, indoors and outdoors.

According to the new pandemic law, in place from Monday, the maximum number of people allowed at gatherings was due to have been extended up to 20 people outside and 10 inside. However, on Saturday, Arenberger suggested tightening this measure, based on the concerns of the Interdisciplinary Group on Epidemic Situations (MeSES). The group, led by Petr Smejkal, an epidemiologist and a member of the Government Council for Health Risks, argued that allowing up to ten people inside and 20 outside would be an epidemic risk.

At a press conference after the meeting, Arenberger said that the return of children to school is a priority, and epidemiologists rightly feared that a greater relaxation of health measures would affect the fragile declining trend in numbers of new infections and patients in hospitals.

The government also discussed the measures regarding sports, deciding that athletes can train in pairs, with up to six pairs on the field, at a distance of at least ten meters between each group to ensure the safety of the players. Arenberger said that he will meet with the representatives of the athletes and the epidemiologists next Saturday, as well as the chief hygienist, to evaluate the situation and decide how to proceed.

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