City of Brno Launches Campaign Promoting Greener Lifestyles

The campaign will provide citizens and companies with information on how to adapt to greener lifestyles and business practices, and encourages the sharing of progress and tips using the hashtag #PripravBrno (Prepare Brno), to further promote the campaign and environmentally-conscious behaviour. Image: Visualization by Media Age.

Brno, Jul 7 (BD) – The City of Brno has taken another step towards a greener city in response to climate change. A new green campaign will roll out soon, informing Brno residents and businesses on the changing climate, and calling on them to adopt green habits, and share their progress using the hashtag #PripravBrno, to encourage and help others who wish to make the same changes.

“In 2017, Brno joined the Covenant of Mayors, and committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We want to achieve this through various measures that will gradually prepare the city for higher temperatures and dry weather. We also want to motivate companies and citizens to do the same through a long-term campaign. With the campaign, everyone can be inspired by the recommendations, leading to a reduction in CO₂ production. Companies, for example, can officially join the initiative by signing a Memorandum on reducing emissions,” said Marketa Vankova (ODS), Mayor of Brno.

From July, the City of Brno is launching a new website,, providing information and advice for citizens on how they can contribute to reducing emissions, or save water and energy. According to First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladik (KDU-CSL), the council member responsible for the environment, the City also wants to appeal to the services sector, which he said plays an important role in climate change. “Everyone can join our call under the hashtag #PripravBrno, and share photos, contributions or suggestions on the topic of ecological and environmentally-friendly behavior,” added Hladik.

The new website provides information about the possibilities for participating in the call, such as a so-called ‘exposure map’, where visitors can find out if their roofs are suitable for a solar power system. The website also redirects visitors to the website, where they can find more information about harvesting rainwater, greening courtyards, supporting ecological educational projects and subsidies for the installation of green roofs.

Companies can find information on signing the Memorandum, or reducing emissions by using environmentally-friendly modes of transport and renewable energy sources, or reducing the energy use of buildings.

The campaign will run for 10 years, and the City plans to use social media, billboards, advertising in trams, city lights in the streets, and videos in various institutions to spread the word.

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