Two Tram Lines in Brno-North To Be Connected

The extension of Line 8 to Campus Bohunice is currently underway, and the city’s next large tram project is now being discussed: the interconnection of two radial tram lines in the north of the city. Photo credit: Brno Daily.

Brno, Mar 3 (BD) – Brno Transport Company (DPMB) are currently planning the next phase of expansion of Brno’s tram network: a connecting line between the current terminal of Line 5 at Stefanikova Ctvrt on Merhautova, and trida Generala Piky, on Lines 9 and 11 between Fugnerova and Halasova namesti.

The extension will create two new tram stops: Lesna Train Station and Lesna Polyclinic, and will mean that the loop at Stefanikova Ctvrt will no longer be in active use.

Connecting the lines will give transport planners more flexibility in the case of broken down trams or repair work, avoiding the need for replacement bus services, and will generally improve public transport access to Lesna, one of Brno’s largest residential districts.

According to Jan Seitl, Transport Director of the Brno Transport Company (DPMB), the proposal has already been sent for an environmental impact assessment. He added that construction could begin in 2022, probably in the second half of the year. As part of the work, streets and bridges in the area which are currently in disrepair will be renovated, and tram stops affected by the extension will be upgraded for better accessibility. 

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