Senate President Jaroslav Kubera Dies Aged 72

Kubera, President of the Senate and a long-term Mayor of Teplice, died in hospital in Usti on Sunday evening, after a rapid deterioration in his health over the weekend. The First Vice-President of the Senate, Jiří Růžička, assumes his duties as President of the Senate. Photo: Senate President Jaroslav Kubera. Credit:

Czech Rep., Jan 20 (BD) – Jaroslav Kubera (ODS), the colourful and occasionally controversial President of the Czech Senate, has died suddenly at the age of 72. As recently as Saturday, he was taking an active part in the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) congress, but his health deteriorated quickly on Sunday. After falling ill in his car while on his way to work, he was taken to hospital, first in Teplice and then in Usti, where he died on Sunday evening. The exact cause of death has not yet been announced.

Kubera was the Senator for Teplice from 2000, and the President of the Czech Senate from 2018. Prior to that, he also served as Mayor of Teplice from 1994 to 2018. Kubera was a well-known political figure in the Czech Republic, known for his flamboyant style and occasionally outspoken views. In particular, he was a long-standing campaigner against restrictions on smoking, and often joked about his health. One week before his death, he said: “I don’t go to the doctor. That’s the basis. They will always find something wrong with you, these days medicine will always discover something.”

Condolences have been pouring in from around the Czech political world. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said: “I didn’t want to believe this shocking news. I liked Mr. Kubera, he was a nice guy, a wonderfully funny person. When he became President of the Senate, it got a completely different dynamic. I’m so sorry. My condolences to his family.”

The First Vice-President of the Senate, Jiří Růžička (TOP/STAN), assumes his duties as President of the Senate.

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