In Brief: New Trail For Cyclists and Pedestrians From Žebětín to Kohoutovice

After three months of construction work, and at a cost of CZK 14 million, a new one-kilometre cycle path now connects Žebětín and the upper part of Bystrc with Kohoutovice, for the use of pedestrians and cyclists. Image source: MMB.

Brno, Jan 2 (BD) – Oldřich Drápal proposed the creation of the path in the first year of the participatory budgeting project “Dáme na Vás” in 2017. His idea won with over 2,000 votes.

Drápal explained his idea: “The old motorway separates the district of Žebětín from the rest of Brno, and for cyclists and pedestrians this is an insurmountable obstacle in terms of safety. The purpose of the project was to find a solution that would connect Holedná, Kohoutovice and thus Brno city center with Žebětín, the Kamechy housing estate and the entire upper part of Bystrc.”

Video: “Dáme na Vás” / Facebook

In the future, the cycle path will follow the new Žebětín bypass.

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