Controversial Velký Špalíček Building Up For Sale

The Velký Špalíček shopping centre in Brno is up for sale, according to Czech TV. Photo credit: Brno Daily.

Brno, Aug 28 (BD) – When Špalíček opened at Dominikánská 5 almost 20 years ago, it met with strong public criticism. The building was built upon Gothic cellars, and in the view of many, its architecture and design do not respect its surroundings. “In recent decades, Velký Špalíček has been a scar rather than an ornament in the historic city center,” according to the Internet Encyclopedia of Brno.

Velký Špalíček today.

The site was once a complex of medieval buildings, one of the oldest in the whole city, dating back to the 1240s. In 1944 it was bombed and the buildings demolished. New construction at the site began between 1996-98. The shopping and entertainment center, designed by Imag Architects, opened in 2001. Špalíček is currently the home to numerous shops and a 1,400-seat multiplex cinema.

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