Video: 25-Year-Old Man Arrested in Zabovresky On Suspicion of Violence Towards His Dog

Police were called to an apartment block in Zabovresky by neighbours concerned about one resident’s treatment of his pitbull last week. Photo credit: Policie CR.

Brno, May 6 (BD) – Police responding to the call reported hearing the dog whining in the apartment, and neighbours confirmed that the situation was not unusual. A 25-year-old man answered the door, and did not deny that he was beating his dog, a pitbull. He claimed the beating was in response to the dog growling at him.

When the door was opened, the dog ran straight to the police officers present (0:39 in the video), who noticed bruising on the dog’s head and body, and a bleeding gash above its eye. The dog also appeared to be trying to hide from its owner. Suspecting a crime had been committed, the officers asked state police to deal with the case. The dog was taken to a vet for treatment, and then to the city police dog shelter.

Video: Tydenik Policie / YouTube.

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