Dolní Nádraží’s New Facilities to Open Next Week

The works for upgrading the waiting rooms and spaces in front of the station to provide better facilities at Dolní nádraží have begun today. The area is set to be opened to the public on Monday, May 13. Photo: Construction of one of the exhibition containers. Credit: Zenon Moreau.

Brno, May 6 (BD) – “The waiting room will cultivate the space and at the same time provide passengers with comfort, modern facilities and entertainment,” says Markéta Vaňková, the mayor of Brno.

Dolní nádraží has become an important train station for the city, as access to the main train station (Hlavní nádraží) is currently limited. With the construction works scheduled to take place for a year, much of the city’s rail traffic has been diverted to Dolní nádraží.

“The City of Brno considers the development of the Dolní nádraží as one of its priorities. This is proven by the fact that several organizations and representatives of the city leadership worked together on the waiting room project,” adds Vaňková.

Today, construction works have started in order to revamp the surroundings and facilities of the train station. As mentioned on our previous article, “Lower Station in Brno to Get a “Facelift” in Spring”, the areas around Dolní nádraží will have eight “exhibition containers” to be used as information stands, waiting rooms, and bathrooms. There will be Wi-Fi connection, spaces for food trucks and bike sharing, exhibitions, and a Czech Railways information board. Greenery around the area is also included in the works. The revitalised area will be open for the public to use by May 13, and there will be an opening ceremony at 10:00 AM.

An exhibition named “Trnitá” in one of the exhibition containers will showcase the development of the area between the main and Lower Station. The exhibition will include an architectural model of the future Brno main train station and its surrounding area.

“The waiting room and the revival of the area is the first step and opportunity to introduce the city and its visitors to the direction of the Trnitá district. At the same time, we want to show that it is possible to turn a forgotten place into an interesting social space, ” explained Michal Sedláček, the director of the city’s architecture office, “KAM” (Kancelář Architekta Města Brna).

See the visualisations of the project below.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”144″ gal_title=”Dolní Nádraží Visualisations. Source: KAM.”]

Previous additions by the city to improve access to Dolní nádražíi include moving the stop of bus line 61 (which connects Dolní nádraží with the main train station) was placed closer to Dolní nádraží, and having a “kiss and ride” area for the station’s passengers. Read more in our previous story, “Efforts by Brno to Improve Dolní Nádraží: A New Addition”.

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