Brno Expecting Summer-Like Temperatures Later this Week

This week’s forecast shows cloudy days with a chance of rain. Before the weekend, the city will see some warm and sunny days. The temperature records might be broken! Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Apr 23 (BD) – After the sunny Easter holidays, Brno is experiencing cloudy days, with temperatures ranging between 13°C to 20°C with a bright exception before the weekend. Thursday and Friday will be sunny, with temperatures possibly reaching temperatures as high as 28°C, with slight winds – bringing us closer to summer.

With the end of the week’s summer-like days, it’s possible that the highest recorded temperature will be broken. The maximum temperature for April 25 was 27°C in 1992, and for April 26, it was 26.9°C in the year 1862.

On the other hand, the minimum temperature for April 25 was -1.8°C in 1854, and -1.6°C on April 26, 1972. These measurements are from Prague’s Clementinum observatory, which is the oldest hydrometeorological station in the country – measuring and reporting temperature data since 1775.

According to Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), the temperature throughout the country for a period of four weeks will be around the average temperatures for this period of the year. Historic weather data shows that the average temperature for the weeks from mid-April to mid-May is around 12°C – with the lowest average record being almost 8°C in 1980, and highest average record in history being 16.5°C in the year 2000.

The weather this weekend should return closer to the average values of 15°C.

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