Repairs Planned for Road Around Brno Dam, as well as Construction of New Cycle Path

At a meeting last week, council representatives from the South Moravian Region approved a proposal to begin repair work on the road connecting Bystrc to Veveří Castle. The proposals also include the construction of a cycle path following the route. At the same time, reconstruction will also take place on a road in Žebětín. Photo: Veveří Castle. Credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Feb 5 (BD) – “In both cases, we want to widen the road to  7.5-metres, adjust drainage and bus stops to make traffic safer. There are also plans to build a cycle path along the road around the dam, that should be managed by the City of Brno,” said Roman Hanák, Deputy Secretary of the South Moravian Region for Transport.

Given the high potential cost of the repair works, the South Moravian Region intends to seek subsidies from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure or the operational fund of the European Union.

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