13/1 Moravská Galerie and Brno Expat Centre Invite You for an Afternoon of Art

The Brno Expat Centre (BEC) family event appeals to both children and their parents. Spend an unusual afternoon in the Moravian Gallery discovering and creating art. Photo credit: BEC.

As part of the event, adults will take part in a guided tour of the gallery with a native speaker while their children will be taken care of by a tutor. Later, both the children and their parents will work on art projects together. At the end of the day, each family will receive a souvenir memory from the gallery.

The BEC family event is English-friendly and suitable for children aged 6-12. The price is CZK 350 per family, to be paid on the door. Prior registration is required.

When and Where: The event will take place on Sunday from 2PM to 4PM, at Moravská Galerie v Brně at Husova 18 (Pražákův palác).

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