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A complex of three buildings of university dormitories, students canteen, gym of MU Faculty of Sports...

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The accommodation capacity of Kounic student dormitories is 468 beds in two blocks. In Block A,...

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Avion Shopping Park Brno is a shopping center in Brno-south. AVION Shopping Park, the first shopping...

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Young Space


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Young Space is quality living place for students in Brno, whose main aim is to provide...

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With more than 400 branches, which represent about 15% of all domestic public pharmacies, Dr. Max...

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The Kounicova Halls of Residence is in the city center, near the Faculty of Law and...

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Campus Square is not just a business center! It is a natural part of the newly...

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The J.A.Komenského Hall is located in the city district called Černá Pole, street Kohoutova 3 –...

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It is located in a quiet part of southern Brno. The capacity is 387 beds. There...

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