December 5, 2021 | Last update at 11:55
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Trouble with Snoring? DUO SMILE, Brno’s English-Speaking Dentists, Present the ‘Anti-Snore Guard’ for Peaceful Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing. Brno’s DUO SMILE Dental Care can help;  today, the internationally-minded doctors Eva and Hana Luskačová, based on Pekařská, will present the…
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International Education Possibilities in Brno: An Interview with the Headteacher of the International School of Brno

Photo: International School of Brno - the first day of school. Monday, September 3, 2018. // Credit: ISB. The back-to-school theme has been dominating this week. Kids are getting to…
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Financial expert: Despite high financial literacy, expatriates face challenges in obtaining financial and insurance products

The large number of expatriates living in Brno is a testament to what a desirable location it is, both in terms of lifestyle and business opportunities. But staffing Brno’s various…
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