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Review: Egg & Noodles Ramen Pop Up @Whiskey Bar, Ktery Neexistuje

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Aneta and Zuzka from Egg & Noodles have been hosting their monthly Ramen pop-up kitchen since Autumn 2015. Brno Daily’s Natasha Price went to check it out…

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Egg & Noodles’ awesome Ramen pop-up. Now located at Whiskey Bar, Ktery Neexistuje, Behounska 22, it’s slap bang in the centre of town and the perfect place for a group of mildly hungover mates to quench their carb cravings on a Sunday. 

It was hot and bright and very very sunny on Sunday, but inside the bar, it was cosy and dimly-lit with a really chill vibe. It was pretty much like stepping into another world. As much as my head did appreciate the low light, it was a tad too dark to actually see and enjoy the gorgeous food. But don’t worry, we still managed to take it all in!

Now, in terms of service, I have no complaints. We walked in and bam! We were seated right away. Within five minutes, we had drink menus in our hands and our Ramen orders placed. They checked for allergies or dietary requirements, which was a nice touch and something of a rarity in the Czech Republic. Our first round of drinks were on our table before we could even get a good conversation going. We only had one glass of water, which was forgotten later on in our visit, but that’s barely even worth mentioning. All the servers were really nice and seemed to be very pleased that we were enjoying the food.

Alright, onto the main event – the Ramen. And man, it was out of this world! The broth was a mixed pork and chicken base and let me tell you, it was like a flavour bomb exploded in my mouth. Talk about punchy! Then there was the braised pork belly, deliciously juicy and so tender it just fell apart, the little bit of fat on it only adding to the flavour of the already to-die-for broth. The noodles and veg were spot-on, cooked just right. And then there was the traditional ramen-style soft-boiled egg. The yolk was gorgeously velvety and encased in a perfectly cooked white shell. We’re suckers for those eggs, so we asked for extra and the staff ended up bringing several more than we expected, though we somehow managed to force them down!

Overall? This Ramen event was an absolute blast. Sure, a few bits and bobs like the lighting could be improved. But those were just minor hiccups in an otherwise stellar experience. These Ramen days are a regular monthly event, and I highly suggest that you keep an eye out for the next one on the Egg & Noodles Facebook page. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Review: Egg & Noodles Ramen Pop Up @Whiskey Bar, Ktery Neexistuje
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