3rd Annual Brno Maker Fair Opens To The Public This Weekend

The 3rd Brno Maker Fair builds connections between inventions, science, and practical workshops. Photo credit:

Brno, Oct 17 (BD) – From 22 to 23 October, more than 100 enthusiastic creators and  makers will gather in Pavilion A1 of the Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV). The family-friendly event will allow curious young people to build a DIY camera, create an optical illusion, take part in science experiments, learn about 3D printing, and much else besides. For experts and DIY enthusiasts, there will be workshops on circuit board assembly, a start-up “from the barn” with the production of their own filament, and a robotic dog.

“We bring together curious people and amazing inventions,” said event organiser Vojtěch Kolařík. “What sets us apart from other events is the personal contact with the creators and the opportunity to touch things and create in a fun way.” He added that although the event takes place in many locations across the country, the Brno and Prague events focus slightly more on the professional dimension of creative crafts: “Startups will present their prototypes, and faculties and university students present their research. Our festivals thus become a meeting point for professional communities. We consider this very important,” said Kolařík.

Inventor Zuzana Nyiri will present a self-made digital clock. Václav Mach, who combines electrical engineering and design, will also measure time, using a clock he built that uses the voice of a legendary station announcer from the 1990s to tell the time. Another big attraction is Martin Vašek; most of the neon signs that can be seen in the Czech Republic come from his hands. 

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The Fair will kick off a year-long collaborative project with the US Embassy in the Czech Republic, focused on STEM education with an environmental focus, and welcomes families with children as well as professionals, craftspeople, hobbyists, and inventors. The local open digital workshop FabLab will also be a part of the Exhibition Grounds, presenting 3D printers, laser cutters, a CNC milling machine, and a cutting plotter, among other things. 

The Brno Maker Fair will be open on Saturday 22 October from 10am to 6pm, and on Sunday 23 October from 10am to 4pm in Pavilion A1 at the BVV. Tickets purchased in advance are entered into a draw for a 3D printer. The winners will be drawn by the organisers on Saturday at the festival. Tickets for the event are also valid for the Game Access Connect event, which will take place at the same venue. Tickets can be purchased here

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