New Underpass For Cyclists Opens At Hladíkova, Another Planned Under Křenová

The City of Brno is becoming more sustainable by creating spaces for alternative mobility. Photo Credit: MMB

Brno, Sept. 2 (BD) – The busy street of Hladíkova is now safer and easier for cyclists to pass through. The city has completed the construction of an underpass both to help those travelling by bike or scooter and to allow car traffic to pass more smoothly. More underpasses are planned to make the city more friendly for sustainable transportation and to make it easier for people to travel by bicycle or scooter.

The new underpass on Hladíkova in the southern part of the city is intended to provide citizens with an easier and safer way to travel along the bicycle path that runs along the Svitava River. Until now, cyclists had to cross the busy four-lane road via a pedestrian crossing. 

Construction of the underpass began in March and was completed at the end of the summer vacation. The total cost was about CZK 16 million, excluding VAT.

There are other sites on the major European bicycle path through Brno where the city intends to remove obstacles. For example, a technical study is underway for an underpass under Křenová. This should be built in coordination with the reconstruction of the road, scheduled for 2025.

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