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City of Brno Launches Disease Prevention Campaign For April

The Brno Days of Prevention is a new city-wide public information campaign, which focuses on cerebrovascular, cardiovascular and oncological diseases. The campaign launched on Friday on namesti Svobody, and will last until the end of the month. Photo credit: Sefora S. / Brno Daily

Brno, 3 April (BD) –  The campaign was organised by the Municipal Department of Health in cooperation with professional institutions such as the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, the National Centre for Nursing and Non-Medical Health Sciences, Masaryk University’s Faculty of Sports Studies and the Department of Psychology and Psychosomatics of the Faculty of Medicine, the International Clinical Research Centre at St. Anne’s Hospital, the South Moravian Medical Rescue Service, the Centre for Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery and others. 

“With prevention, we can avoid future health complications,” said 1st Deputy Mayor of Brno, Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL). “With the help of the Brno Days of Prevention campaign, we want to point out how important it is to take care of your own physical and mental health. This year, we will focus primarily on oncological and cardiovascular diseases. During April, in cooperation with our partners, we have prepared a series of lectures, workshops and activities, at which a certain topic will be presented, of course with an emphasis on prevention.” Included in this program is a tour of the Gastroenterology Department of the Masaryk Cancer Institute on Monday, 4 April from 4pm. A lecture on the prevention and early diagnosis of the most common oncological diseases will take place on Tuesday, April 26.

The ceremonial opening of the campaign took place today on Friday, 1 April, from 3pm to 6pm in namesti Svobody. Cooperating institutions will be running stands where experts can provide information on the prevention and early diagnosis of prevalent diseases related to our current lifestyles. At the same time, they will provide visitors with an overview of their activities, as part of the campaign. 

Those interested will be able to measure their blood pressure. There will also be first aid training and tours of the ambulance. The program also includes a musical performance by Pavel Helan and an entertainment program for young and old (featuring an inflatable bouncy castle, a magic show, and a climbing wall). 

Other events include:

• Interactive workshop on strokes and heart attacks with first aid training on Wednesday, 6 April from 10am (Malinovské nám. 3, place no. 111)

• Health Day at the Faculty of Sports Studies MU on Sunday, 10 April

• Workshop on basic emergency resuscitation and first aid on Thursday, 14 April from 2pm (NCO NZO at Vinařské 6, Brno)

• Lecture on kidney and liver transplantation as a last resort for their failure and prevention on Wednesday 20 April from 16:00 (Malinovské nám. 3, place no. 111)

• Seminar on basic pillars of mental health on Thursday, 21 April from 6pm (ÚPP LF MU na Kamenici 126/3, place 509)As part of the campaign, events are free for participants. For some events it is necessary to reserve a seat in advance. You can find a detailed campaign program here.

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