Valentine’s Day Above And Below Brno’s Old Town Hall

Whether or not you are a fan of Valentine’s Day, there are ways to enjoy it while learning something new. On Sunday, February 13th, TIC Brno invites you to a (pre)-Valentine’s date in a tower with your head in the clouds, or in the mysterious underground. Photo credit: Michal Růžička

Brno, Feb 1 (BD) – Try a non-traditional way to spend Valentine’s Day at the tower of the Old Town Hall, where after a dizzying ascent of 173 steps you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of winter Brno. Your heart will be warmed not only by the journey up the tower, but also by the sweet mead included in the price of your ticket. 

If you are more interested in the historic halls of the Old Town Hall, you can explore them with the guide Martin Koplík, and find out what stories are hidden in the oldest preserved secular building in the city. Accompanied with a glass of sparkling wine, you can take a tour of the mysterious Labyrinth under Zelný trh, and perhaps you will feel how it would be to drink in a mediaeval tavern. Valentine’s visitors to the underground and the tower have the added benefit of entry into a competition, to win a voucher for theatre tickets for a performance of your choice at the Brno National Theater or a gift from TIC Brno.

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Photo credit: Michal Růžička

Alternatively, you could take a guided walking tour to find out how dating was done in Brno in the 1980s. Meetings, wine bars, cafes, gifts and romance under Petrov… You will learn what kind of gifts were exchanged by lovers in those days, or where it was possible to sit away from the prying eyes of others. There will also be a romantic finale with a carnation in hand and an amazing view of the city of Brno, to help you go back in time.More information about the event schedule and prices can be found here.

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