Video: Police Seeking Three Men That Beat a Shop Owner at Zvonařka and Threatened To Cut His Throat

Brno detectives are investigating an armed robbery at Zvonařka Central Bus Station. On Wednesday, they released CCTV footage and appealed to the public for help with identification of the suspects. Photo: Police CR.

Brno, Nov 15 (BD) – “On October 27, three men attacked a textile salesman at his stall at the central bus station in Brno,” said Czech police spokesman David Chaloupka. According to the victim’s testimony, one of the attackers grabbed him and punched him in the head. 

When the seller tried to escape, the other two men blocked his way. 

The victim said that the main aggressor wanted money from him, and kept beating him until he gave it to him. When he left, he made a gesture threatening to cut his throat if he had attempted to call the police. 

Video: Policie CR.

According to the victim, the attackers spoke Czech with a foreign accent. 

Police officers released the camera footage of the crime scene. It shows three men who, according to investigators, could make a significant contribution to understanding the crime. The police are appealing to the public to call 158 if they recognize the men.

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