Dornych Closure Shortened by Several Months. Workers Now Move to Plotní

It was not only drivers who were relieved on the night from 30 to 31 August. After more than a year, the Dornych Street reopened. At the same time, the Plotní Street closed in order to continue the implementation of the important strategic project called “Tramvaj Plotní”. Image: MMB.

Brno, Sep 4 (BD) – Among the major construction projects on the Dornych Street was the removal of the original tram infrastructure and the uncovering of the roadway, followed by technologically demanding construction of the sewer. Other networks located underground were also exchanged and transferred. These included pipelines for water, gas, heat distribution, E.ON, Cetin, UPC and public lighting cables.

One of the members of City Council for Investment David Grund reports: “Since we started participating in the project management on behalf of the city of Brno, our priority has been to reduce the traffic load in this locality. The increased traffic is a result of the construction works and negatively affects the traffic flow in the entire south-eastern area of the city. For this reason, we implemented the operational solution on Zvonařka Street as soon as it was possible. I believe that this step was effective and really relieved the traffic situation. For the same reason, we were considering another major change to the planned work schedule, namely making the Dornych Street fully accessible. We managed to open the street a year earlier than planned. I would like to thank all the interested parties for their helpfulness in trying to find a solution. This constructive approach shows that we are aware of the current state of the traffic situation in Brno and that we are able to solve it effectively.”

The Plotní Street will now close for traffic, where work will be carried out roughly to the same extent as on Dornych, with the exception that a new tram infrastructure will be built there.

Many things will change for the drivers. At the intersection of the Dornych and Zvonařka Streets it will be possible to pass, except for the left turn from the Zvonařka (from Hladíkova) to the Dornych (direction: Bratislava) and in the opposite direction from the Zvonařka to Dornych Streets (direction: Brno Center). The scheduling and access to public transportation at Zvonařka bus station will vary depending on the course of the work. The Plotní Street will be closed in the section the Dornych – Svatopetrská Streets, then the Spěšná, Kovářská, Široká, part of the Železniční and Komárovská Streets. A partial closure will be at the Zvonařka Street in the section the Dornych – Plotní Streets.

“The opening of the Dornych and the closure of the Plotní Streets were scheduled to occur at the time of the regular changes to our timetables at the beginning of the school year. This solution is advantageous for both our company and Brno passengers, ”said Jan Seitl, Operations Director of the Brno City Transport Company.

Works on the Dornych and Plotní Streets are part of a large-scale strategic project “Tramvaj Plotní”. Its goal is to relocate the tram line from the Dornych to Plotní and to improve the traffic flow at the Dornych Street.

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