Do you often find yourself looking for somewhere to eat when leaving work late at night or after a party, but don’t know where to go? We asked our families, friends, colleagues, and Facebook, where to eat when everything else is closed. So here are some affordable and tasty eating options to “save your night life”. Photo: Vegan sandwich from 4pokoje. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Brno, Aug 8 (BD) – Brno’s reputation as a student city with numerous cozy cafes has been established for quite a while. In recent years, the city’s gastronomic scene has also been experiencing an “awakening”. Many new modern places to eat have opened in Brno, and the old ones have been improving their menus, often adopting elements of Mediterranean, Asian, and American cuisines. If you are wondering where to eat well in Brno, you can find excellent tips on various travel websites, YouTube, or in local tourist guides. But the question we want answered is: where to go for a late-night bite in the center of Brno?

Late night restaurants near you…:

1) U Dřevěného vlka and U Dřevěného orla
U Dřevěného vlka

Address: Zelný trh 318/1, Brno-center

Photo: U Dřevěného vlka. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

If you see a wolf on the sign, then you are in the right place. Nice cheap steakhouse located in the center of Brno. Fast service and portions big enough to fill you up for the whole night.

The bar and kitchen are open every day until 2am.

U Dřevěného orla

Address: Orlí 3, Brno-center

Photo: U Dřevěného orla. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Sister restaurant of “U Dřevěného vlka”, but this time there is an eagle on the sign. You can find this beer and steak bar in the basement of the Orlí Business Gallery.

The bar and kitchen are also open every day until 2am.

2) Steakový a pivní bar Pod lékárnou

Address: Slovákova 1/350, Veveří, Brno-center

After many beers, you can get a steak, ribs, or a burger at this chophouse restaurant. People recommend it for its great customer service and decent beer, and some say their chicken is a must.

They cook every day from 4pm to 4am.

3) Texas burger

Address: 6/320 Nerudova, near Konečného náměstí

Photo: Texas burger. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Here you can try their famous American burgers with Angus beef. We recommend ordering the Texas burger with egg and bacon.

Open every day until 4am. Friday and Saturday open until 5am. The kitchen closes earlier only if they have sold out of burgers.

4) Turecký Kebab

Address: Masarykova 25, Brno-center

Photo: Turecký Kebab. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Fan of Turkish food? This is the best place to find delicious kebabs in the center of Brno.

Open every day until 4am; Friday and Saturday until 5 am; on Sunday, until 12 am.

5) Ratejna Music Restaurant

Address: Dvořákova 588/13, Brno-center

Photo: Ratejna Music Restaurant. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

A music restaurant that combines Czech and Italian cuisine. Try their pizzas – you won’t be disappointed. They prepare them until 12pm. Some visitors report a mixed experience with customer service and the other dishes on their menu.

Open every Friday and Saturday until 4.30am.

6) Phil’s

Address: Kobližná 27/5, Brno-center

Photo: Phil’s. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Stylish street food in the center of Brno with extraordinary offers. Locals recommend this place for its delicious burgers.

Open every day from 5pm – 5am, except Sundays, when it’s closed.

7) Elektra pub and Steak and beer bar U modré růže

We have put these two together in our list as reviews and comments about these places were mixed.

Elektra pub

Address: Běhounská 7, Brno-center

Photo: Elektra pub. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

A few people suggested Elektra for a decent midnight bite. If you don’t need “fancy”, this place will definitely do. The kitchen is open until 3am.

Steak and beer bar U modré růže

Address: Kounicova 2, Brno-center

Photo: Steak and beer bar U modré růže. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Many people suggested U modré růže steak and beer bar on Kounicova as a place to eat after midnight. However, the stories diverge, as several people were unhappy with their last visit. The kitchen is open until 4am.

We have put the last three places at the bottom of our list as their kitchens close before midnight.

8) 4pokoje

Address: Vachova 45/6, Brno-center

Photo: 4pokoje. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Or “4 rooms” in English. You can drop in here for breakfast as well as dinner, and every day they have a special lunch menu. We went there to check it out and tried the vegan sandwich, which was glorious! We decided to add this gem to the list even though the kitchen closes at 11pm.

Open every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until 3am, every Wednesday and Thursday until 4am and every Friday and Saturday until 5am.

9) Zlatá loď

Address: nám. Svobody 5, Brno-center

Photo: Zlatá loď. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

A part of the Tripoli restaurant chain, Zlatá loď is located in the heart of Brno, in náměstí Svobody. If you are a tourist, this is usually one of the first restaurants you visit in the center. It’s a good option if you want to start discovering Czech cuisine.

The pub is open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 1am. Some suggested this place for a late-night bite, but the kitchen closes at 11pm.

10) St. Patrick Irish Pub

Address: Jakubské nám. 101/2, Brno-center

Photo: St. Patrick Irish Pub. Credit: Katerina Xagorari.

Even when you are in the Czech Republic, allegedly the country with the best beer in the world, why not try something different? This Irish pub will not leave your taste buds disappointed, as it serves dishes from both Czech and international cuisine.

Open every Friday and Saturday until 2pm, but also serves food until 11pm only.

Extra tip – nonstop bakery
Nonstop Pekařství Svoj&Svoj, s.r.o.

Address: Palackého 57, 612 00, Brno – Královo pole

Photo: Nonstop Pekařství Svoj&Svoj. Credit: O. Kukrecht.

The popular bakery in Královo pole is open 24 hours and offers a nonstop flow of bread, cakes, and other baked goods; including filled baguettes or Czech “chlebíčky”. Prices are a little higher than a normal bakery but it’s open 24/7. Prepare to queue for your late-night snack on Friday and Saturday night.

Honorable mentions: “Hungry windows” and fast-food chains…

In a hurry? The center of Brno also has numerous “hungry windows”, as locals like to call them. The quality is not always five-star, but hey, when you are up for something cheap or in a hurry to catch a night bus, they are a great option. To list just a few: the “hungry window” on Kobližná (conveniently located in front of the popular nightclub “Charlie’s hat”), at Česká and Hlavní Nádraží (perfect if you are waiting for a night bus), or on Štefánikova in Královo Pole (next to the famous Fléda music club).

Brno is of course home to several classic fast-food chains, too. In the centre, you can find McDonald’s restaurants on Masarykova (open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays), náměstí Svobody (currently closed), or in Galerie Vaňkovka (only open until 21:30pm). Another big fast food chain operating in the center is KFC, known for its chicken nuggets, on Masarykova (open until 1am) or Rašínova (open until 12:30pm).

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