Find the best tips for Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, and Venezuelan restaurants and food events in Brno. Title image: @BrnoDaily

Brno, Dec 14 (BD) – When we think about Latin American countries, our imagination takes us to the other side of the Atlantic where people are blissful; the food and environment colorful, and the music and dances are just beaming with energy.

For this reason, thinking about those who have “Latino blood” running in their veins and other Hispanic American culture fans, Brno Daily has created a guide with tips about Hispanic American things to do in Brno.

Cuisine – Mexican, Argentinian, and Colombian restaurants in Brno


Brno offers a few places where you can have Hispanic American food. There are some Mexican restaurants that might be worth a try. According to Jorge Torres, a Mexican researcher living in Brno, the food in the restaurants is not as good as in Mexico, but there are places worth visiting. He recommends…

Rubin, a restaurant with a pleasant environment that is known for its great cuisine that includes predominantly Mexican and Czech specialties. Regarding Mexican food, Rubin Restaurant claims to prepare their tasty dishes from original recipes. See their menu here (link).

“If you like Mexican food, this is the place to go. Maybe it gets too crowded, but the food is great and the service is good. Also the menu is full of options,” a client wrote in a review.

Address: Makovského nám. 1

Bistro Bastardo (link) has opened recently, and the customers couldn’t be happier about it. As a matter of fact, the chef is originally from Mexico, and at the end of the day it pays off, as the majority of the reviews expressed satisfaction with having a restaurant with “real Mexican food” here in Brno.

“This place is fantastic, and their tacos remind of the tacos I used to have back home. The ingredients are fresh! … I totally recommend this spot to anyone who enjoys Mexican food or hasn’t tried real authentic Mexican food before,” a client wrote a review.

Address:  náměstí Svobody 21


The steak restaurant Monte Bú serves “Argentine Beef”. They claim to carefully choose the best Czech and foreign breeds to provide you with tasty meals.

“Tasty food, friendly and fast personnel, relaxing surroundings, reasonable prices,” one of the clients described the place.

Address: Údolní 532/76


“Even though I am in the Czech Republic, I live like a Colombian.”

Empanadas de Doña Vera (link) are homemade with love. A Colombian empanada is a fried corn shell usually filled with mashed potatoes and beef or chicken. Empanadas are typical for some South American countries, however, there are slight variations in preparation.

There are over 20 fillings that go with empanadas.

Credit: Empanadas de Doña Vera, Veronika Bartlova

This delicious Colombian finger food is prepared at Doña Vera’s home. There is an option to order frozen empanadas (to be prepared whenever you like) or already fried. You can buy them in different size packs. From time to time, she works to create new flavors. The empanadas are all gluten-free.

“The idea [to open a business] came from my need to eat Colombian food again and again,”  Veronika Bartlova, who lived in Colombia, explained.

Besides the food delivery service, you can find Empanadas de Doña Vera at food festivals that take place often in summer. During the festivals, you can try the plantain chips, marranitas (filled banana balls with meat and potato), fried banana and many other Colombian specialties.

“The best of Colombia in Brno. Empanadas, patacones and marranitas. 100% recommended,” a happy client wrote.

See the Facebook page here.

Food events

are a good way to eat traditional food from different corners of the world, most of the time prepared by natives.

“One of the most important parts of our culture is food.”

For this reason, you will find many events that celebrate Hispanic American culture and food in Brno.

Festival Ibérica (link) combines the best of Spanish and Hispanic American culture and food in one single event. The festival is a good way to make people feel closer to their home countries and traditions. During the event, there are dancing and music shows, workshops and an extensive side program.

Industra Food Fest (link) is a yearly food festival that offers a great variety of fresh street food from around the world, as well as coffee and deserts. Besides food, you can take part in cooking workshops.

Extreme Food Festival (link) offers exotic and unconventional food and drinks to visitors, from crickets to rare fruits and drinks from Asia. During this festival you can taste  Mexican hot food. Extreme Food Festival usually holds educational workshops.

Chillibraní (link) This festival is all about chili peppers, and everyone knows how they can go hand in hand with Mexican cuisine.
During Chillibraní (link), you can expect cooking shows, educational series and a lot of music. The highlight of the event is the competition Chilližrout. There is a chili market where you can buy sauces, spices and plenty more.

In some of these festivals, you will most likely find the stands for Empanadas de Doña Vera (Colombian specialties) and Tacoteca (Mexican specialties) among many others.

Tacoteca mexicana – Mexican food and Mexican pop culture in the Czech Republic

Luis created Mexiko – MXK (link) to introduce people to Mexico’s traditional food and cultural events. “I attend the festivals in Brno and different cities in Moravia, where I set a Mexican-decorated stand. I sometimes organize events together with the Spanish community in Brno to commemorate Mexican or Latin American festivities,” Luis explains.

Credit: Mexiko – MXK

If you bump into the stand of Mexiko – MXK in any festival, you can try traditional tacos prepared with Mexican ingredients such as corn tortillas. The owner also tries to adapt the ingredients to get more sophisticated flavors. It is worth trying!

In Noche de Arepas Brno, you can taste typical Venezuelan food cooked by a Venezuelan, such as  Reina Pepiada, Arepa Pelúa, Arepa Dominó and Arepa Patapata. The event promises a lot of music, dance workshops, and performances.

There will be another event Noche de Arepas Brno in winter time, however, the dates are not fixed yet. The event will be announced here.

Don’t miss the second part of this article! We will give you tips for Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, Venezuelan or Cuban grocery shopping, culture, events, and entertainment in Brno.

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