Relocating to the Czech Republic? Join the welcome courses for the newcomers in Brno!

Brno, Oct 19 (BD) – Non-EU nationals are invited to participate in the free public integration course “Welcome to the Czech Republic” on November 4th, at 9:00 – 17:00 in a community center for foreigners at Mezírka 1.

Moving to a different country either for studies or in search of new life opportunities can be challenging and difficult. It is not only the cultural shock; nothing is easy and familiar in the beginning.

That’s why NGO “Slovo 21” [“Word 21”] organizes the free integration course so you will not have to go through the relocation process alone.

The course is financed by the Czech Ministry of the Interior and it is a part of the country’s governmental foreign policy program.

“The aim is to make it more comfortable for the third country nationals to go through the adaptation and integration processes and procedures that await them after their arrival and also to raise awareness of third country nationals regarding their rights and obligations during their stay,” the PR Manager of the Integration courses, Filip Davydov describes.

The course is held in English and covers essential topics such as visa, residence permits, employee cards, business license in the Czech Republic, or Czech educational system. You can find the courses on Facebook, too.

Most lecturers are qualified social workers or lawyers who can provide reliable relevant information in accordance with valid laws of the Czech Republic.

Their training was focused on teaching skills, to make sure that they can pass the information
in an easy and understandable way to the participants.

“During the existence of the project Welcome to the Czech Republic integration courses we have managed to develop a unique methodology which makes the process of foreigners’ integration in the Czech society easier,” Filip Davydov says.

“The November course is almost full already, but we want foreigners in Brno to know about us and invite them for our future events,” Davydov explains and adds: “Next courses take place in Zlín (November 25) and Olomouc (November 4).”

“Please kindly note that this course is not intended for the EU nationals,” Davydov clarifies.

The 8-hour integration course will give you the following important information:

Residence legislation: Visas, long-term residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship. Terms, conditions and fees. Biometrics. Travel in EU/Schengen area. Invitation to family and friends. Family reunification. Conditions for study.

Employment: Employee card. Types of work contracts. How to look for a job. Taxes. Health and social insurance. Students and employment. Risks and protection of employees.

Business: Starting a business license in the Czech Republic. Health, social insurance, taxes. Residence legislation and running a business.

Education: Czech educational system. Placement of children in Czech schools. Czech language courses. Recognition of previous education.

Healthcare, health and social insurance: Healthcare system in the Czech Republic. Public and private health insurance. Social security system in the Czech Republic.

Housing: Renting a flat. Searching for flat. Housing contracts. Fees related to rental and services. Housing and residence legislation.

Everyday practical life: Emergencies. Transportation. Driving license. Post office. Official correspondence etc.

About the Czech Republic: Czech public holidays. Customs and traditions. Basic cultural overview. Interesting sights and leisure time activities.

Important contacts: Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Police Service. Integration centres and non-profit non-governmental organizations providing free of charge services to foreigners.

The course is free of charge, however, a registration in advance is necessary. Please register here.

About the integration courses and NGO “Slovo 21”

The NGO “Slovo 21” (official website) introduced first integration courses “Welcome to the Czech Republic” in 2012.

All the materials have been created in cooperation with team which included experts from Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, civil society and, of course, foreigners and expats at who are living in Czech Republic.

By mid 2017 the number of courses has reached 180 with the total number of participants from all over the world reaching 3,000.

Only in 2017, over 1,400 people took part of 76 integration courses taught in different cities in Czech Republic.

There are specific teams now, for example, teams that specialize in social affairs and law and team of interpreters that can interpret in 8 languages.

More information about the Brno integration center on www.cizincijmk.cz.

Note: This is a commercial message.

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